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Continuing Care

Continuing Chiropractic Care After The Pain Is Gone

What you choose to do about your health once pain is relieved is completely up to you. Throughout the "condition based" phase of care, your doctor has had the opportunity to provide you with education and individualized recommendations for your spinal health and the integrity of your nervous system.

Many patients under chiropractic care, who initially came for pain relief, have realized that they can experience relief from other ailments as well. It's not uncommon to hear patients report that chiropractic helped them with problems like asthma, stress, gastrointestinal disorders, attention deficits, PMS, infertility, headaches and so much more. Why would this be the case? This is the case because every nerve in the body conducts information through the spinal cord and exits through passageways created by the spinal bones.

By correcting subluxations in the spinal joints, nerve interference affecting the entire body, including the internal organs, may also be reduced. Patients have found that not only has their pain resolved, but that their general quality of life has improved with chiropractic care.

Keeping oneself subluxation-free is a very important component in achieving optimal health.