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How Did I Get This Way?

Shifting the Balance

Accidents that tear loose ligaments that hold the spinal bones together create a weakness for the spine to misalign. Because of the close relationship between the spine and the nervous system, good spinal balance is critical for good health. If the head shifts, for any reason, our body will naturally compensate.

With injury or stress, the muscles in the back will tighten and the pelvis will also shift in order to be as closely aligned with the head as possible. The body and spine become distorted and locked into a stressed posture.

Misalignment of the spine can come from many sources. Have you ever experienced any of these activities?

> sports activities skiing, golf, tennis, racquetball, basketball
> daily activities -housework, laundry, changing a bed
> getting in and out of the car
> lifting/carrying groceries
> sleeping
> working at desk/computer
> sitting in school
> labor work
> gardening
> shoveling snow

Amazingly, the body will continue to function even when the spine is misaligned. But it will not function as well as possible and a variety of health problems can arise. Since we are all vulnerable to accidents and stresses that may cause the spine to misalign, it is important to be well educated about spinal care and how to regain healthy balance. A misaligned spine is extremely susceptible to further injury. Periodic check-ups help avoid a relapse.