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Chronic Neck Pain

Chronic Pain, TMD, Dyslexia

I have experienced many different types of physical therapies over the past twenty years in an attempt to find the source of and relieve my chronic neck pain. My problems seemed to have begun after the birth of my daughter, who is over twenty years old now. The first symptom I noticed was that my jaw was clenching and painful. My journey to a pain free, fully functioning body began with being treated for TMJ Syndrome (Temporal Mandibular Joint). All that baby-carrying and less sleep then began to manifest in my left shoulder and there the pain resided and worsened.

Over the ensuing years I saw physical therapists, tried traditional chiropractic treatment, received two years of acupuncture, got “Rolfed”, learned Somatic exercises, was treated by many massage therapists using conventional methods and new therapies such as Cranial Sacral treatments and while in the United States, I saw an osteopath. All of these therapies were wonderful and did help, but only temporarily. The treatments are expensive and I can not imagine the thousands of dollars that I have spent over the years. Last year, on the recommendation of my sister, a massage therapist, I decided to try N.U.C.C.A. After so many years and so many treatments I was skeptical, but willing. Now I feel like those people who write testimonies and sell all sorts of products. A miracle has happened to me. There is something that really does make a difference. I am pain free, active and taking pleasure in movement of all sorts. I have always been physically active and would just fight through the pain thinking I was doing it for the “better”. A very striking example that I now have is my yoga practice. Previously I found it awkward and difficult even though I outwardly appeared flexible and able to move into the positions. Now after NUCCA I find I am no longer forcing myself and I find that centering in a position where I feel “at one with myself and”, dare I make such a claim, “with the universe”. I have so much more energy and enjoyment in my life now.

After the initial adjustments I may have to come in once every two or three months for a simple ten minute treatment. It is not the weekly or biweekly treatments that other therapies required. It is true that I feel so much better now that my head is on straight!

My 18 year old son has also received a NUCCA adjustment. His poor posture has improved with no extra effort or reminders to “stand up straight” from me. Most exciting for my son has been to see his improvement in reading. He has always had to cope with dyslexia. Soon after his NUCCA adjustment he was going over his lines of his rather large part in a play. I could not get over his improvement. His outlook on life has become much more positive and he takes great pride in not requiring his parents’ help with homework now that he is becoming more independent in his reading abilities.

I think that only if you yourself have had chronic pain or struggled with a learning disability can you appreciate the relief joy and feeling of freedom that my son and I have experienced. Only then can you understand why I dare to use the term “miracle” to describe what NUCCA has done for us.