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Severe Osteoarthritis

Severe Osteoarthritis

Note: This is a letter written by a patient to his physician and medical specialists

During the fall. winter and spring of 2002/2003 I consulted with you regarding spinal stenosis of the cervical region which was causing a great deal of pain and loss of mobility in shoulder, neck, head and arms.

In the course of those consultations it was decided that neurosurgery was not the appropriate treatment for me at that time.

Subsequently, it was suggested by friends who were familiar with my condition to check with a specific chiropractor in Calgary who practices NUCCA. NUCCA practitioners deal only with C1and C2.

I saw Dr. Jeff Scholten on April 15th, 2003. After studying the MRI report and taking measurements, X-rays and thermography, he made one simple adjustment the Atlas and Axis vertebrae, and although I felt no immediate relief and was highly skeptical about anything having happened, over the six months following (during which months I had no further treatment of any kind including chiropractic), I have experienced gradual incremental improvements. Now in November of 2003, I am comparatively free of pain and have considerably more cervical flexibility.

In telling you about this experience, I want to thank you for your wisdom in advising me that surgery was not the answer to my problem, and also to let you know about an alternative that has proved helpful to me that you might be glad to be able to suggest to others in similar circumstances.