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Reconstructive Care

Chiropractic does much more than simply care for back pain. Once care for symptoms and pain is complete, your chiropractor will give you the opportunity to enter a health care program. The health care phase strives to restore normal spinal contours, reduce chronic sub- luxations, and produce spinal stability. Many patients find that though they initially came to the office for pain relief, having regular spinal adjustments changes many other aspects of their health. They relate that they simply feel better, have improved energy and sleep, get sick less often, have fewer headaches, benefit from better digestion, etc.

We should all realize that it is better to maintain health and prevent disease than just treat the symptoms of the body when it is sick. Actually only the body, not your doctor, can heal. The only thing any doctor can do for you is remove obstructions to healing. By correcting spinal problems, your chiropractor removes obstructions to the nervous system so that your body can achieve health.