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Environmental Balance

The biopsychosocial model of health shows clearly that your sense of community connectedness (social involvement, familial and financial satisfaction) is critical to your ability to be well. Do you get outside often or are you stuck inside most of the time? How was your sleep quality?

Even the ergonomics of your workspace and your political situation play a role and need to be addressed to be truly healthy. We will provide you with a framework to reflect and begin to address these issues.

There are helpful strategies that we recommend, however when issues are more complex we have a referral network of health professionals who have expertise in this area available to help you.

Examples of Environmental Balance:

  • Trash Collection
  • Sleep Time (hours), Sleep Quality
  • Indoor Time (hours), Outdoor Time (hours)
  • Financial Satisfaction
  • Political Satisfaction
  • Home Location Satisfaction
  • Family Life Satisfaction
  • Office Ergonomics