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Research on Chiropractic and Children

The chiropractic profession spends millions of dollars each year researching ways to improve health and wellness for people of all ages, and there is active research being done within the chiropractic and scientific community on subluxation and its effects on children.

Ear infections:  A 1997 study of 332 children with ear infections, published in the Journal of ChiropracticPediatrics, concluded that chiropractic management is safe and effective in the treatment of ear infections (otitis media).

Colic:  In 1999 a study on infantile colic was published in JMPT from the University of Southern Denmark. The randomized controlled trial confirmed that chiropractic adjustments were not only safe, but more effective in the care of colic than the standard medical treatment of prescribed medication (which can cause additional unwanted side effects).

Is It Safe to Adjust Children?

It is very safe to adjust children and infants. Children actually respond even more quickly to chiropractic care than adults because they don't have long-standing subluxations and years of associated malfunction to work through.

Children sustain many trips and falls while learning to walk, climb, and while they play. Many of these occur at school, or with the babysitter, and go unobserved by parents. Take your children for regular chiropractic evaluations (check-ups) and talk to your chiropractor about the different warning signs of subluxation to look for in your children.